RPM Tokens

Launching PRM Tokens
Risk Management Protocol uses AI. ML,CI & Web 3 technologies that created event Specific asset backed synthetic tokens to mitigate individual portfolio risk at low cost.
PredictRAM utilizes the combined power of computer intelligence (AI, ML) human intelligence(CI), and Web 3.0 technology( smart contract, synthetic tokens) to mitigate risk. Three easy steps we follow.
Firstly, we analyze risk & volatility using predictive models · Aggregating portfolios contributed by the registered professionals before the events & optimizing oracle · Creating event-specific multi-asset collateral-backed tokens to hedge portfolio
PRM Tokens is a live protocol on the KRC20 blockchain Vietnam-based Southeast Asia's Premiere #Blockchain Ecosystem that allows this staking mechanism to be adopted across the web. Initially developed to crowdsource intelligence for the upcoming financial and economic events, it is now open to be used for any platform. Creating instant trust with perfect strangers opens a surprising array of new possibilities.
PredictRAM analyzes financial and economic forecasts based on an aggregation of thousands of predictions made by a global network of competing data scientists, analysts CFAs, FRMs, and financial market professionals.
PredictRAM Events: an ongoing event to gather upcoming financial and economic events predictions, currently in beta. All projections are staked and burned according to accuracy. Rewards paid are proportional to the stake.
PredictRAM has two applications aimed at different types of features:
Events – An avenue to upload opinions & estimates that support a financial and economic event.
Research Reports – A weekly leaderboard where users submit reports about the upcoming event with opinions on the most likely outcome.
To make everything work, PRM, PredictRAM’s native coin, is required as a means to stake on the event, conduct payments, and reward participants.
Additionally, the ecosystem relies upon the PredictRAM protocol KRC20, a set of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that enables PredictRAM to either reward users who have staked their PRM coins to a correct outcome or destroy it if they were wrong. To learn more about the PredictRAM platform, you can bookmark PredictRAM’s Blog to receive project updates from their team.
How Does PredictRAM Work?
PredictRAM operates an artificial intelligence aggregation model, that incorporates all the opinions it receives from participants in its application network before the event.
Process of Event Tokens Collecting Financial and economic raw data. Train predictive models and generate forecasted numbers Distributing forecasted numbers to professionals for optimizing oracles & portfolios. Creating customized synthetic asset-backed tokens to mitigate risk.
PredictRAM Leaderboard PredictRAM Leaderboard is a weekly contest hosted by PredictRAM that collects and analyzes research reports from data scientists, financial market analysts, and professionals before every upcoming economic event and pays out PRM tokens. Leaderboard rating will be calculated on the published research reports traction and starts received in the weekly and monthly bases on three metrics Views starts received.
In order to participate, you need to submit reports before the event.
PredictRAM Events is an ongoing Feature hosted by PredictRAM where participants upload estimates on economic events such as inflation numbers, and GDP numbers for a chance to earn PRM tokens. To participate, users need to suggest top-performing sectors before the event and stake PRM tokens on suggested scripts. Participants who staked PRM tokens to the correct prediction will earn newly minted PRM tokens, and, if not, the staked PRM will be burned, or permanently destroyed.'
Once submitted, participants are scored and rewarded similarly to the Leaderboard contest, where target predictions determine whether a user will either be rewarded in PRM or their stake will be burned.
Get ready for the community airdrop of PRM tokens. Strickly for the professionals only. Do not hesitate to ask questions and join us on our Twitter, Telegram and Discord
About PredictRAM
PredictRAM is the decentralized finance (DeFi) Risk Management Network to predict & analyze financial and economic events with the help of data analytics AI, and ML models and it creates event-specific synthetic asset-backed tokens using smart contracts. Investors can hedge portfolios before any upcoming economic event to reduce portfolios' systematic risk.
By sourcing estimates from a diverse community of individuals, we provide data that is not only more accurate but is also the more representative view of expectations when compared to sell-side-only data sets which suffer from demonstrable biases. Our goal at PredictRAM is to give the market a transparent data set of true expectations while providing analysts with a platform to build a verifiable track record and mitigate portfolio risk against any financial and economic event.
Many financial market aspirants, Students, and financial analysts, data scientists contribute to PredictRAM, resulting in coverage of over 200 stocks fundamentals and 25 economic indicators each quarter.
1500+ Finance domain contributors already joined this platform
Our diverse network consists of financial analysts, equity analysts, financial domain students, analysts, and data science students, data analysts, CA, CFA, and FRM students around the globe.
Recognitions & Achievements
• Foundation For Innovation & Research in Science & Technology (IIT Kanpur) on board directors in the company. • Founder of PredictRAM selected for Research Fellowship – Innovator by SIIC IIT Kanpur for Portfolio risk mitigator using tokenization product Development in web 3.0 technologies • Member of FICCI Startup program • Member of Internet and Mobile Association of India, (‘IAMAI’) Mobile 10X accelerator program.
• Best DeFi Product by KardiaChain Pioneer contest - Southeast Asia's Premiere #Blockchain Ecosystem • On top 4 out of 270 Fintech Start-ups globally in NEAR accelerator competition. • Received grant from the NEAR foundation, backed by Europe and Japanese VC • On top 25 out of 2000 Startups by BITS Pilani Conquest 2022 (ongoing). • Selected for Polygon accelerator ecosystem for web3.0 Technologies
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