PredictRAM DeFi Fintech <Datathon/>
We are gathering FinTech enthusiasts from all over the world for an exclusive Financial Research Datathon taking place online.
Best chance to learn, analyze and manage portfolio risk using data analytics and Web3.0 technology.
Datathon enables you to compete with leading data analysts, students, and Financial Market experts in the world. This is your chance to improve your skillset, learn from expert data analysts and financial market professionals, and hack your way to the top of the Datathon leaderboard! You also stand a chance to win prizes Start your data analytics hackathon journey today!
Why Compete in Datathon?
The PredictRAM Datathon encourages education and commitment to the finance industry.
Prove Your Skill
Prove that you can apply the knowledge you’ve learned from your education to real business scenarios. Show that you have the skills to succeed in finance by winning this financial modeling competition.
Distinguish Yourself
Competing in PredictRAM Datathon shows your dedication and drive towards finance and signals to professionals that you will go above and beyond to succeed. Ranking in the top 50 of Datathon will tell professionals that you are one of the best in the world.
Solve Real Scenarios
Datathon covers much more than Financial or economic events exercises. Datathon is designed around predicting and analyzing financial and economic events and scenarios that you will encounter on the job at an investment bank.
Reward Model:
The top 50 rankers will receive fascinating pool prizes which include cash credit benefits and an equivalent worth of INR 100000.
For ranked wise rewards terms Please visit https://predictram
The Completion Certificate and Letter of recommendation will be distributed to all top 50 rankers after successfully completing a 2 Month's challenge.
A leader board will be available on the dashboard to track real-time performance.
The rest of the candidates will get a Completion Certificate.
The two-day training will provide to all selected candidates
Responsibilities and Duties:
The candidate's day-to-day responsibilities include:
Mining data and researching for at least 2 hours a day on fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks
Tracking, monitoring, and recording of market data as well as preparation of forecasts on financial and economic events
Giving opinions and views on upcoming financial and economic events and portfolio creation.
Mastering our online software and performing with advanced predictive analysis techniques.
Working on analyzing index/stocks derivatives trading (strategies like conversion-reversal, box, butterfly).
Working on the development of research reports on the country-wise economy and providing financial forecasts.
Performing secondary financial research and contributing to the team will enable it to develop robust reports.
Required Experience, Skills, and Qualifications:
Have relevant skills and interests in the financial market
Strong quantitative skills, analytical aptitude, and ability to learn financial concepts
Good knowledge of excel, standard MSOffice suite, and market databases like Bloomberg, etc
Excellent communication and team skills
Close attention to detail and ability to work to very high standards
Knowledge of financial modeling will be an advantage
For more details mail us at [email protected]
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